It would be certainly cool if pod races were true. That would mean that anti-gravity was discovered and that humanity hasn’t lost the taste for stupid sports. It’s the inner child in us i guess. Just imagine that you could compete in anti-gravity pod races without worring for your life because, if we invented anti-gravity, surely we also invented a tipe of airbag (or foambag like in Demolition Man) that activates in the nick of time just before an accident and with very close to zero probability of failure. You would just have to buy a pod.
And because we are in a very distant future, pods are very common and depreciated pieces of machinery, probably coming from decommissioned spaceships, easy to adquire. A basic pod would cost, say, like buying a mid range PC today. Pod races would be a very accessible sport and almost everyone could participate, at least in the lower leagues, or as a hobby.
Of course that, on the other hand, in order to participate in the higher leagues, one would have to be very special. You see, at very high speeds it is necessary to have very quick reflexes and an uncanny capacity to concentrate and be one with the track and the adversaries. It is not for everyone and in fact, only a very small percentage of the population is capable to be competitive. Also a very small percentage is corageous enough to endure all the traning necessary to attain a high level in this sport. This individuals are heroes for the public and idolized as such. They have the fame, they have the glory, and they have the mission to win every race. If you could be one of this heroes, you would be a POD HERO.

New pods:

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