One important mechanic of Pod Hero is the evolution in the game. After winning some races and credits, the player will be able to buy a better pod, increasing the level of speed in the race. The thing is, and this was a surprise to me, with more speed the feel of the game changes radicaly. It becomes clear the increasingly importance of “air brakes”, adaptative hoover forces and turning rates. More than this, the whole meta of the game changes, and even enemy AI needs to be adapted.

Even the tracks need to be different. For example a starting track starts at 25×25 as opposed to a mid level track that can go up to 100×100. Ambient Oclusion detail, lighmapping file size, actual 3D models whithin the scene, and mainly camera zoom, all change with size. I can show a beautiful flower in the starting level, but it is not adequate to show it in higher levels, were the camera is really zoomed out and it wouldn’t be seen anyway.

Because of this, much of the trial and error revolves around testing the look and feel of the ship and level at entry level speeds, and at the same time, at full pro level speeds.

Also, a new ship 🙂

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