Improve here, improve there. After 3 months of hard work i have finaly got an alpha version working for a limited number of people. Feedback? A lot needs to be done. So improve here, improve there… and there goes my deadline?

The main aspect i have been working the last two days, besides correcting bugs and changing some minor gameplay and aspect details, was to rethink and start to redo a whole new breed of ships. The results are not great, but are far better than the last iteration:

Old Ship:

New Ship:

I consider the new ship almost release candidate worthy (haven’t decided yet), so i am including the making of a new ship to my daily routine, until a get a decent number of ships to work with.

A ship a day.

Did you know that Unity has a vertex number limitation per mesh? I didn’t know and found out the hard way that if you make a model more than 65535 vertex, it’s a big mess after importing the model to Unity. It works but Unity divides the object in 2 sub-objects inside the same parent object… it gets messy.

Why would i make a ship model with so many vertex for a mobile game? Also, most of the time the ship is far away from the player. I got carried away, that’s why. I mean, i need to have a close up model, so that when the player is buying the ship, the details are shown and i don’t wan’t to work on two versions of the same ship (hi / low res). That does not justify 65k vertex though. I guess that most of the hard work is trial and error to see what fits, works and looks decent.


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