Welcome to the world of high speed anti-gravity pod racing

Pod Hero Race is a game about controlling and racing a type of ship called “pod” throught all kinds of tracks and environments so you can become the best pilot.

A pod is like a space ship, except that it is not for space, and it flies a limited height above the ground using an anti-gravity engine, pretty much like LukeĀ amazing speeder, or years before like Anakin in the pod races in Star Wars episode 1 – The Phantom Menace (pod racer).

The competition of who gets to the finish line first takes a new form, the vehicles used now are not affected by the roughness of the terrain (mostly), and the speed gets to values that only the best of the best can aspire to have the reflexes necessary to finish a race.

You start off with a lower level ship, but after earning some credits, you will be able to buy a better ship and have a better chance to compete against higher level adversaries.

During the races you will have to watchout your armor, since a slight touch can harm your ship. Also, make sure you catch and use the powerups that will spawn during the races.

If you are good enough maybe you can challenge the legendary pilot Ricardo C, and win the ultimate race at the end.

Some say that only the best pilots will be able to complete this challenge.

Do you have what it takes ?

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